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Peru, land of my ancestors!


Peru blessed land from where the potato came to the whole world. Where we have the golden grain: “quinoa”. Where people are friendly and offer you potatoes, the field and chicha as a gesture of friendship. Peru is that and much more!

It always captivates with the beauty of its landscapes, with the colors of its hills, with the flavors and aromas of its traditional cuisine.

My majestic Peru… with everything together I want to capture on my plates the love for my country, respect for my hard-working people and honor the legacy of my grandparents and parents.

I want to offer all diners some of the most renowned dishes where they can find their flavors on a trip to the memory of our homeland.

Thanks for your choice!

Angela Vildoso – Cheff

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Barra Cevichera Peruvian Food Sarasota barracevichera.com

Barra Cevichera Peruvian Food Sarasota barracevichera.com
Barra Cevichera Sarasota barracevichera.com

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